Better Marketing Starts Now

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. We built Honeysuite to help small businesses target the right customers while saving time and money.


Reach Your Customers and Save Time

Save time & money

Built by agencies for small businesses. We built Honeysuite to save you time and money until you are ready to scale your marketing budget.

Reach the right people locally

We built our tool for small businesses to help them scale using our suite of services. Use our Honeysuite to reach the people who matter most in your area.

Skip the confusing ad platforms

We built an easy to use dashboard to create and manage ads and view your data without ever leaving Honeysuite.


What’s HoneySuite?

Honeysuite was created to empower small businesses with accessible marketing tools and knowledge for reaching local customers without overspending or wasting time.

Get targeted Facebook & Instagram ads running in under 15 minutes with 3 simple steps.

  1. Fill out our form so we can learn about your customers
  2. Create an ad
  3. Check your progress

Small Business Marketing Done Right

We built Honeysuite to be easy to use, effective, and scalable. We are currently working on offering additional features but here are our current features.

Easy To Use Ad Platform

Create Facebook and Instagram ads without leaving Honeysuite.

Automated Targeting

We target the perfect audience based on your results from our simple survey.


Weekly insights based on data to make your advertising more effective.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Visualized easy to understand performance data.

Simple Billing

Ad spend and ad platform in one simple small monthly bill.


Facebook Reps are often hard to reach, we can support you instead.

Get Early Access

We're still perfecting the Honeysuite platform!

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Choose a Plan That’s Right
For Your Business

Start with the Free plan to try out our platform for an unlimited period of time.


One Time Ad

Run a promotional campaign towards your target customers for a week. Create an account and get full access to Honeysuite if you want to try us out first!

$199 /month


Run daily advertisements all month towards your target audience. Change out ads and use the Honeysuite dashboard to track your results.

$129* /month


Run campaigns with different objectives, custom ad spend, and more. Platform fee $129/mo* +5% ad spend*