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Our mission is to bring the power of effective digital marketing to every small business owner.


Our mission is to bring the power of effective digital marketing to every small business owner.

Honeysuite is a powerful online marketing tool that easily allows any small business owner to create effective online ads, all within 10 minutes. (we simplify Facebook and Google’s complex ad process and make it simpler).

Our customers can easily create Facebook & Google Ads, edit, and view results.

Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads are built for advertising professionals, NOT small business owners. Honeysuite was created to make advertising online easy and intuitive for EVERYONE. Users can create ads that are effective in 10 minutes or less.

Our Values

Honeysuite is affordable for everyone and packs the agency level targeting and effectiveness that you could only find at a full agency. Until now!


Easy to Use Marketing

Honeysuite was designed for everyone. You do not need a degree to use our platform, if you can log into Facebook, you can use Honeysuite.


Transparent Marketing Results

Honeysuite is fully transparent. We have transparent billing and transparent results. You can view stats in real time in our Honeysuite Dashboard.


Affordable Results Based Marketing

Honeysuite pretargets audiences based on your specific business needs. We pack agency results into an affordable monthly bill.


No Long Term Commitments

Honeysuite requires no long term commitments. Our billing starts month to month!


For small business by small business.

Honeysuite is made up of a team of four agency owners, who were sick of the same thing happening: Small business owners needing help with marketing but were not ready for a full-on agency.

After having to turn away small business owners, we came together to create a better form of online marketing for small businesses. Marketing that was not only affordable but effective, too. During the COVID pandemic, Honeysuite started to take shape. Starting in May 2020, the team worked tirelessly to create a one-stop platform for all things digital marketing. We’ve used our industry experience to pre-target your ads to the people who matter most for your business.

With Honeysuite, you can harness the power of targeted Facebook and Google Ads, all in under 10 minutes and for under $300.

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